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Bed bugs crawl out at night and feed on human blood after biting through exposed skin.

Getting rid of bed bugs can be an unpleasant and tricky job which can often and must require the help of expert bed bugs exterminator.

But what can you do to tackle an infestation, how does it occur and how can you treat bites? Here’s all you need to know…

Bed bugs live in the crevices of your mattress and bite your skin so they can suck your blood.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small, blood-sucking insects that can be found in the joints of your mattress.

They crawl out at night and feed on human blood after biting through exposed skin.

Typically they are brown, dark yellow or red in color, are flat and oval-shaped and are the size of an apple seed.

Although they aren’t dangerous, they can cause extreme discomfort and stress to those who are bitten by them.

They can’t jump or fly, but can crawl long distances, so can quickly spread throughout a building.

How can you spot a bed bug infestation?

Bed bugs are usually small, red bites on your skin will be one of the first indications that you have a bed bug problem in your house.

You can then spot further signs of small bugs, tiny white eggs in mattress crevices, or tiny black spots which could be their dried fecal remains.

While you might not spot the creatures at first, bed bugs infestation will also see blood spots appearing on your sheets, as you squash the bugs in your sleep, and an unpleasant, musty scent in your bedroom.

How can you get rid of bed bugs?

It can be extremely difficult to get rid of bed bugs pest infestation, so your best bet may be to get professional help.

Once in your home, bed bugs can quickly spread from room to room. Waiting too long before you identify the problem, and they could completely contaminate your home.

Here’s what you should do to prevent an infestation:

  • If you suspect you’ve been infected, the first thing you need to do is strip your bed and wash the sheets and blankets in 60C water, before tumble drying for at least 30 minutes.

  • Better still get rid of them altogether by wrapping in bin bags and disposing in a bin.

  • Make sure you either throw your mattress away, or thoroughly vacuum it, and your carpet under your bed. Then make sure you take the vacuum outside and dispose of the contents.

  • Because 30 per cent of bed bugs live in your bed frame and headboard, it’s vital that you clean those thoroughly, too.

  • While vacuuming will get rid of the bugs themselves, it won’t get rid of the eggs. To do that, you’ll need to wipe everywhere with a good pesticide.

Once in your home, bed bugs can quickly spread from room to room. Wait too long before you identify the problem, and they could completely contaminate your home.

How can you treat bed bug bites?

Bed bug bites are painless, but some people can have a reaction to the red, itchy bumps on the skin.

In some cases people can experience a rash or fluid-filled blisters and they can get infected with bacteria if scratched.

You should see if you have any signs of skin infection such as swelling, redness and pain as you may need antibiotics.

If they are very itchy you can use antihistamine tablets to relieve the itch and apply a mild steroid cream.

How can you prevent a bed bug infestation?

Inspect your mattress and bed regularly for signs bug infestation. Avoid buying second-hand mattresses and carefully inspect second-hand furniture before bringing it into your home.

Keep your bedroom tidy and remove clutter. Bed Bugs aren’t attracted to dirt, so they’re not a sign of an unclean home, but clearing up any clutter will reduce the number of places they can hide.

If you live in an apartment, you could be more prone to infestation, as bed bugs can move between flats.


Bed Bugs Infestation – When it comes to bugs in your home, few pest infestations are as troubling as bed bugs. While other bugs can be ignored, bed bugs can quickly infest your bedroom and other soft surfaces in your home, causing painful and unsightly bites, allergic reactions and more. If you have bed bugs in your house, it’s no wonder you’re losing sleep. Exterminating bed bugs can help you rest easy again with bed bug control services that will have you sleeping soundly in no time.

Bed bugs Infestation Control In Nairobi Kenya

Bed bugs aren’t just a nuisance; they are a health problem. They can quickly infest your bed and other furniture in your home and begin feasting on you while you sleep. Although bed bug bites may be painless at first, they turn into itchy red welts that are uncomfortable and annoying. At Jopestkil Kenya we bed bugs extermination with guarantee, we don’t want you to suffer through bed bug infestations any longer than you have to. At the first sign of a bed bug infestation, give us a call and we can help you get rid of those bugs for good!


Bedbugs infestation! If you’ve been losing sleep over bed bugs in your home, we want to help you get rid of them as soon as possible. Simply give us a call at the first sign of a bed bug infestation and we will be at your home as soon as possible to evaluate the situation. Our technicians are trained to find bed bugs wherever they are hiding in your home, and evaluate your situation quickly and efficiently, so we can get the problem fixed right away.


Half of the battle when it comes to bed bug control is understanding what you are dealing with. Our expert technicians are trained to spot bed bugs, and will evaluate the situation to make a determination on the next steps. Our friendly professionals will take stock of your home and if bed bugs are discovered, we will apply liquid friendly treatments trsuted to eliminate bugs completely for good finally in order to fix your bed bug issue. Jopestkil Kenya team is more than happy to recommend a top-rated formulation whenever you have decided on our specialized services.


Bed bugs control -Our dedication to your bed bug woes isn’t limited to just inspections and recommendations. We treat all of our customers like family, and we want to make sure that the job was done right. After your home has been treated against bed bugs, our trained technicians will return at your request to inspect the home again for a post-treatment follow up to ensure all of the bugs are gone.

BEDBUGS – How to Look For Bed Bugs Step by Step

Nairobi Kenya bedbug control services -If you follow these instructions, step-by-step, you will be just as likely as to find bed bugs (if they are present) as a professional.

Start with the bed.

This is the most likely place you will definitely find bed bugs because they like to hide close to where they feed.

How to find bed bugs Include:

  • Carefully pull back the bedding and look for signs that bedbugs have been around like blood spots and fecal stains.

  • Thoroughly check the mattress, paying particular attention to edges, seams and air-holes. If possible, turn the mattress on its side to inspect the under-side too. Bed bugs are more likely to be closest to the head of the bed, but make sure you take a look at the foot end of the mattress too.

  • Do the same with the box spring. You may have to cut or remove the gauze on the underside of the box spring to take a good look inside, but you need to do this (unless it’s not your bed, of course). Box springs are the main and have bed bug hiding places, so spend extra time doing a really thorough inspection here. This is where a flashlight and magnifying glass become your greatest allies. Pay special attention to wooden joints, corners, crevices, screw holes and staples. The wooden slats make a very attractive place for bedbugs to lay their eggs and the area where the cover is attached to the frame is a favorite hiding spot too.

  • Turn your attention to the headboard and bed frame. Remember to really look closely at any grooves in wooden headboards and pay attention to corners and joints. Don’t forget to pull the bed away from the wall and inspect the backside completely too.

Next, try to find bed bugs in any upholstered furniture.

This includes sofas, love seats, recliners, easy chairs, chaise lounges, and ottomans. Here’s how to find bed bugs in these items:

-Carefully remove all cushions and pillows and inspect them one by one. Paying attention to seams, tufts and piping. Also examine the zippers closely (this is another common place for bed bugs to hide and lay their eggs).

-Look in and around all the seams of the couch or chair itself. Don’t forget to lift up any skirting and check the underside – focus especially on pleats in the fabric and the seam that attaches it to the piece of furniture.

-Pull it away from the wall to inspect the back side as well.

-If at all possible (with the help of a friend or partner), lay it on its back side to inspect underneath inside just like you did with the box spring.

Now, turn your attention to the night stands and dresser to see if you find any bed bugs there.

-Take everything out and put it in a large garbage bag or plastic tub with a cover to reduce the possibility that they spread if there are bed bugs in those items.

-Pull the drawers completely out, one – by one, and thoroughly inspect each one inside and out. Remember to check underneath as well. Like the headboard and frame, pay close attention to the corners, joints, screw heads and any grooves where bed bugs might like to hide or lay their eggs.

-Next, check inside, behind and underneath the piece of furniture itself. I think you know what I’m would say here about, corners, joints and crevices…


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Bedbugs Treatment Preparation Instructions to Residential & Commercial clients in Kenya


Bedbugs control services -Prior to general treatment preparation of your home or commercial premise, DO NOT move any furniture or belongings from its original location to another location within your home or premise instead leave them intact as they were. Only in the kitchen area, cover the open food stuffs and the rest we assure you to be done safely professionally. Doing so…. removing, moving, disturbing furniture, mattresses, curtains, beds, carpet floors, pictures and decors this may infest non-infested areas of your home or premise and further disturbance of the surfaces (areas) to be worked on. All clients to take note on this simple pest control instructions.


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