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Pest Exclusion Services the most preferred

The use of chemical against pests should be of utmost care due to

bedbugs control services in Kenya Nairobi

their safety and dangers. Pest control services and pest extermination in Kenya in the food industry is at times impractical, ineffective, costly and often highly dangerous. Pest exclusion method of creating physical barriers against various pests to prevent them from entering a building in the first place—is preferred among industry professionals as the safest and most effective pest management strategy available. Fundamentally, it involves the elimination of cracks, crevices, and other spaces that allow pests to gain entry.

Pest exclusion! Jopestkil-Kenya provides professional pests exclusion services, bats exclusion services, termites exclusion services, snakes exclusion services, rats exclusion services, woodworm exclusion services, bees exclusion services, birds exclusion services, mosquitoes exclusion services for residential homes and commercial premises in Nairobi /Mombasa /Kisumu and their surrounding areas.


Pest exclusion is an essential component of any commercial pest


management plan the nowadays modern world. Gone are the days of commercial bug pest control services blanketing a facility with powerful chemicals to wipe out any pest infestation. These days, more businesses are choosing to apply the principles of integrated pest management, a more holistic and healthy formation for commercial pest control that works with the environment, biology and natural life cycle of pests to help curb pest populations.

One of the most important aspects of this approach both to home pest control and commercial pest management is known as pests exclusion. Pest exclusion is a term for pest preventative tactic that involves sealing up areas of your building where pests are likely to enter essentially, denying pests access to the facility in within fast.

Pest Exclusion Importance

Pest exclusion is essentially a facility’s first line of defense


against a pest invasion. The idea behind this integrated pest management tactic is that it’s much easier and safer for the environment simply to keep pests out than to try to root out a pest infestation once it takes hold. Unfortunately, because insects and other animals are small and sneaky, many commercial buildings are rife with cracks, crevices, holes and other entry points that make ideal doorways for pests. The first thing a quality provider of commercial pest control services will do is thoroughly inspect the building for vulnerable areas and fortify them wherever possible for pests invasion.

Pest Exclusion Strategy

The key to pest exclusion for large buildings – such as offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, big property buildings, etc is to seal and secure all possible points of entry into the building property carefully. This includes cracks in the foundation, improperly sealed vents, drain pipes, garbage shoots and other points of entry that are not properly sealed off. Essentially many parts of the building must remain ventilated and open to some extent. The point is to make sure that there are no unnecessary open entry points. It’s also important to minimize possible traffic routes for insects and critters by keeping windows shut and screen meshes fastened and in good repair.

Other exclusion tactics recommended by integrated pest management experts involve keeping any organic matter away from the exterior of the building – including trash, compost, mulch and even fallen leaves – as these have a tendency to attract pests. Finally, removing inviting food, water, nesting and breeding sources from the inside of the building will help to create inhospitable conditions for pests.

Implementing a pest exclusion plan can be a huge undertaking, especially for a large facility. For best results, bring in a commercial pest management company to provide expert advice and solutions.

Exclusion Services are an integral part of our pest management programs. It provides the peace of mind that pests will physically be prevented from entering the interior space of your building.  Sealing or caulking all interior gaps or holes that lead into the main entry points, pests will be prevented from utilizing them as entries and living sites. The sealing of gaps and crevices will also prevent many pests such as cockroaches, Bedbugs, bats or rats from easily traveling from one area of the building to another without recognition . Exclusion services usually help in total control of buildings being destructed technically. 

Pest infestations! Although it might not sound very effective, pest exclusion is a highly critical part of your pest control management. Instead of using harsh chemicals to kill pests, exclusion methods are a better way to control pests before they can get in and do damage. It also creates a much healthier environment for your employees, pets, your family and your property.

Since finding the various ways that pests make their way into your facility can be tedious and time consuming, it is best to hire Jopestkil for general inspections. Pest exclusion methods are no good if one fails to find and fix all the ways that pests can find their way in and breed. If you do it right the first time, you can prevent pests from getting out of control perfectly.

Pests Exclusion -The single best method to prevent pervasive pest activity is to incorporate exclusion services in pest management plan. Pest exclusion not only best prevents pests from entering a building but will also control interior pest movement and multiplication. In addition to restricting pervasive movement, exclusion will reduce the harbourages and food sources. It can provide long term control measures and also reduces the need for pesticides being used.


Exclusion is the most humane and life caring approach to pest control. Techniques are applied to remove intrusive pests and prevent future infestations.   Rather than trapping and relocating of these invasive pests which are quite time consuming, illegal and will expose you to wildlife conflicts.

We focus on the main issues,  sealing of the entry points to keep all pests from intrusion and exclusion is ultimately much more effective, more economical, and far more humane approach than other measures. Jopestkil Kenya specializes in provision of:



.Jopestkil Kenya Best Pest Control Exclusion Services

  • Space sealing for all shutters properly
  • Sealing of all cracks and crevices

  • Working on the already known pests intrusions

  • Pests invasion such as bats, rats, and other wildlife. Sealing all roof entry points professionally.


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Pests! Most pests can enter homes and buildings through cracks and crevices. It is especially important to check for issues around any shutter openings like windows, doors and along foundations. You may also need to check uncapped chimneys and holes where your utilities come into or out of the house. It is important to address any possible openings to the outside of any house. By implementing exclusion techniques, you have done a recommended pest preventive measure one step.

Pests are most likely found in basements, attics as well as kitchens and bathrooms. It is crucial to keep these places clean, clutter free and well ventilated to help prevent issues of these pest infestations.

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