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Woodworm infestation! There are plenty of different types of woodworm species, the most common being the common furniture beetle. These beetles thrive in humid conditions and feed off moist wood. Common furniture beetle can attack building timber as well as furniture, and their preferred choice of food is the sapwood of softwood and hardwood, plywood and wattling. The adult females lay eggs in cracks, crevices or previous woodworm holes attaching themselves in anywhere.

Woodworm infestation will create expensive damage to your home including furniture, wood content within. Contrary to their name the destructive worms themselves are actually beetles rather than worms.

They feast on wood, especially dried and mold ridden wood, throughout their early stages of life which is where they get their name from. Eventually, after prolonged exposure without treatment, the woodworms’ activity can leave the timber of a building or piece of furniture in such weakened shape that it can completely keel over. This is why it is vital that we take care of the foundations of our homes and wooden furnishings mainly by identifying at risk areas and dealing with them appropriately.

Woodworm Causes & Woodworm Control Measures

Woodworm infestation! Mold and trapped moisture in the materials that structure the house result in dry and wet rot which are a leading cause of attracting woodworm. This can be due to the way in which the house was built, old or new, the amount of applications in use from room to room and the ventilation system implemented into your home. If your walls and windows do not allow sufficient access for moisturized air to flow through then they can cause damage to the structure over time with moisture becoming trapped. Poor ventilation for steam and hot air that comes from electrical appliances of every modern home adds to this existing problem. The damaged timber will attract woodworm as they can feast easily on the material.

Woodworm! The wood eating weevils. The wood boring weevil or woodworm tends to attack wood which is already damp or decaying. For this reason, if you find an infestation of wood boring weevils, however much damage they may have done themselves, you already have a problem with the wood. Sometimes they will attack wood adjacent to wood which is decaying, but in either case, there is some decaying wood close by which will need dealing with. Woodworm treatment will retain permanently the image of a house.

Should Wood Borers Always Be Treated?

The longer you leave your woodworm infestation, the worse it will become. Wood boring insect problem should be treated as soon as possible and if it is left, it could cause major damage to the structure of your home.

Woodworm can be tricky little pests and you need to make sure that you have targeted them all. For this reason, we always start with a property survey to make sure we know the extent of the problem and determine if the infestation is active. If the infestation is inactive the infestation does not need to be treated however structurally affected timbers may need to be repaired. Once the survey is complete and the infestation is found to be active, it is time to get rid of the woodworm living in your home and start to repair the damage which they’ve caused.

Jopestkil Kenya will take care of both aspects of this, repairing the damaged wood and treating the existing timbers to eliminate the insect attack. Remember, our work is protected by a one year guarantee, so there’s no need to worry about future infestation to the treated area.


Woodworm! In the case of the wood boring weevil, the female lays the eggs in holes in the wood, and the eggs hatch in just over two weeks. Larva emerges from the egg and tunnels through the wood for a relatively short time for woodworm, six months or up to a year. It is in the shape and grows to a maximum of 3mm. Next comes the pupal stage, which lasts for two or three weeks before the adult beetle is finally formed. It then bites up and out of the wood, forming the familiar woodworm holes. Unlike most woodworm, which leave either round or oval shaped holes, the wood boring weevil makes an irregular shaped exit hole. This is one of the only wood boring insects which actually does feed on wood beyond the larval stage, and so can live up to a year.

Woodworm! When you have identified a woodworm infestation or have found dry rot in your property, you should get it treated as soon as possible. The longer the woodworms are left, the more damage they will do to your furniture, timber, or whichever sort of wood they are burrowing through. It is essential therefore to apply woodworm treatment as soon as you can. Left untreated could lead to a crisis and destruction.

The most obvious sign of woodworm damage are tiny holes in the wood, where the woodworm have come through. Actually, woodworm are just the larval stage of a variety of species of wood boring insects, and by the time they come out they are the adult beetle. The discovery of wood boring insects, the most prevalent of which is the common furniture beetle, is another clear sign that you have woodworm. Frass, or bore dust, is another feature which you can look out for. Some wood, such as the timber supporting your house, is out of sight so in severe cases the first sign of woodworm could be loss of structural integrity. If you do suspect a woodworm infestation, therefore, you should contact Jopestkil-Kenya professional pest control experts to come and survey your property as soon as possible.

Woodworms! Once it has been determined that you have an infestation, there are a variety of woodworm treatments that are available. If it is not too severe, then our special formulation can be applied to the surface of the affected wood. For more serious infestations, however, it may be necessary to fumigate the property to rid of any other kind of woodworm infestations available.

Woodworm infestation control, Jopestkil Kenya Pest controllers will then be able to recommend the best woodworm treatment for your situation whatever the level of infestations.The common ones includes:

  • Ambrosia beetle

  • Forest longhorn

  • Powderpost beetle

  • Waney edge beetle

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